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Request a Prayer

Dear Friends,


We welcome and honor your Prayer Requests. Our ministers, board members, and senior students meet regularly, and during that time we will read, absorb, and contemplate your requests with the best of intentions and from a deep place of heart love and metta. 


I believe that when two or more gather with pure Heart intentions for Grace to come to a person or situation that is prayed for, the Divine Presence floods the spaces between atoms of all involved, and provides ease and flow. 


We do not claim to absolutely heal or radically change situations that are presented. We do give our deepest attention, love, and compassion to every situation or person who is mentioned in prayer requests. We seek to ask for relief for the Soul of the situation or person, and we trust in the big picture as is orchestrated by the Ultimate Divine Presence. 


We are all caught in the human condition of wanting complete relief and resolve from situations of tragedy, sadness, pain, grief, and illness--especially when there is great suffering or struggle involved. I have been in this position, and I have compassion for this suffering. 


At Gracia Divina Church, we seek to bathe you in healing frequencies and deeply fractalized quantum physical good intentions of best possible outcome, so that you may more gracefully endure all the situations that Life serves up, even the most difficult. I notice that many times when prayer is employed, situations shift into more ease, even if not completely resolved. 


We hold our Prayer Field for you by singing a song or Icaro to you or your situation, saying a prayer for you, and oftentimes making offerings of incense, mapacho, and smudging. We may call in the Five Sacreds: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit. We may call in specific Healing Beings to assist and comfort you, such as the Powerful Healers of the Acero Punta, and other local/regional-based Helper Spirits. If you would like us to specifically add you to the Prayer Field during our Ceremonies, let me know and we will do that. 


We offer you our deepest Love and Compassion for all you are facing. Your Heart and Luminous Soul, and your Life---all are honored and held sacred here at Gracia Divina Church. 


We are honored to pray for you.


Marie Luna

Head Minister

Thanks! Message sent.

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