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Our ministry purposes are as diverse and varied as our membership, covering many projects over the years, and holding a strong weave of connectivity with our spiritual lineage. Our unique forms of worship focus on oneness with Nature, knowing ourselves deeply, and delving into our emotional, physical, psychological, and spiritual landscapes more thoroughly and intimately through our practices and meditations. A focus of the work is refining ourselves as individuals for the betterment of our service to family, community, and Pachamama (our planet). Fostering closeness within community, family, friends, and members is a strong thread in the weave. Service work in the form of volunteering for the betterment of various causes is encouraged amongst our ministries and our members. Our head ministers engage in volunteerism in their communities, public speaking at conferences, and dharma talks within Gracia Divina Church's own events. Our board, our ministers, and our members are encouraged to identify needs both practical and spiritual in our communities, network about those needs, and put together funds and services that are appropriate for the highest benefit of those in need. 

Kid's Ministry

Our children's ministry includes teachings about healthy foods and practices, as well as a strong focus on musical and outdoor activities. We teach and encourage youth to speak, sing and pray in a group format as well as on their own. We encourage our youth to engage in public gratitude prayers for meals and for special events.

Marriage Preparation and Wedding Services

Our members in therapy professions are available for professional counseling for all walks of life, such as the sacred passage of entering into marriage. Our ministers are prepared to offer spiritual counsel and wedding services for those embarking on the journey of life partnership. 

Women's Ministry

Gracia Divina Church was founded on a platform of support of all persons. Our two head ministers are women.  In that spirit, we have a strong spiritual support network for those who identify as women. We hold women's retreats and workshops, and we partner with other organizations to bring health and well-being workshops to women at affordable sliding-fees. 

Volunteer Groups, and Service Projects Near and Far

We encourage our members to volunteer in their communities, by offering their specific talents and services. Internationally, we have built a rural midwifery building and supported a preschool in impoverished areas, as well as provided legal services for young women and other victims of abuse whom may have a hard time finding legal support. We have also helped young women with college funds in countries where it is particularly hard for a woman to achieve higher education.  This was accomplished by numerous volunteers coming forward with work, services, and donations. 

College Ministry

If you need networking support, prayer, positive affirmations, and other spiritual and psychological support for your journey to higher education, Gracia Divina Church can support you on your journey. 

Pastoral Support

Pastoral support mirrors the diversity of our members. We can help you find therapy services that fit your cultural background and your particular needs. Sobriety support is a strong point in our particular spiritual lineage. Achieving and maintaining physical, mental and spiritual health by utilizing our pastoral spiritual support, along with appropriate health professionals is recommended. This is a luminous combination that can keep you in the light of the Divine and result in finding a joyous life again! 

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