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Spring Renewal 2019!

Greetings, and best wishes to you from Marie and the GDC team!

I want to offer a few optimal health ideas for re-calibrating yourself for an active happy spring and summer.

Now is the time to think about a light or supervised cleanse. Many organic juice places offer support for a spring cleanse. Get support, round up some like-minded friends, and enjoy the levity of a cleanse to set you up for a great spring!

Also completely cutting out grains, eggs, and dairy for the month of March is a great way to avoid spring allergies. With the huge amount of moisture we've enjoyed this winter, the trees and plants will be celebrating by putting out extra pollen! Remember, the pollen is not the problem; your body's reaction to the pollen is what makes you miserable. (Like a lot of things in life, our reactions are what actually cause suffering!) If your GI Tract is already cleared and not reacting to common allergens, it's much less likely to react to pollen.

Consider incorporating Reishi and other supportive medicinal mushrooms into your daily food routine. Take them in the morning, as adaptogens can be stimulating.

Going off common allergens and incorporating our friends the medicinal mushrooms will help you kick the last of winter's viruses as well.

Onward to glowing health and well-being this Spring!



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