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Luminous Heart

Dear Ones,

As we enter the time of long nights, let moonlight and starlight guide you to the inner reaches of your psyches. The Sun (Inti in Quechua) stretches to the far reaches, away from our place on Turtle Island (North America). At this time, Inti is not as much of an influence on our inner beings. It's a good time to explore the shadow side of our psyches. While doing so, it's important to up our self-care and remain properly resourced for our journey into the darkness.

Being properly resourced will be different for each person; but in general, it's important to stay in touch with and connected to loved ones who are positive and supportive, yet gently honest with us. Mutual trust within your family, friendships, and larger Sangha or social group will provide the social fabric you need to fall back on should your explorations of your shadow prove to be trying.

Meditation is a great way to bring forth both the follies and the depth of the mind, and to elucidate for us what is operating just beneath the surface of our everyday awareness. This is a gentle way to start exploring "what's in there" as far as consciousness. For those of you who find starting a meditation practice to be tough, go to a group sit once a week, or get some instruction on meditation from a seasoned teacher or group. This can be a good kick-start for your own meditation practice.

The six weeks before and after Winter Solstice mark a time when we have opportunities to slow down and explore our consciousness unlike the busier solar-dominance of the other seasons. There is more time to develop good sleep habits in winter. Set up good sleep hygiene by eliminating noise, excess electrical influences and artificial light in your sleep space. Longer sleep allows us to explore dreams more fully. Deep rest is available in the long winter nights' peace. Invite a friend for a walk in the silent snowy landscape, or for tea and meditation. Change your light bulbs by your bed to calming, soothing light. Use screen light-change apps on your devices to give your eyes a break from the glare of white light, and take a break from screens more often.

Invite your Mind to rest. Let your Heart come home to Peace.

Blessed Solstice to All!

Gracia Divina Church

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