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In addition to our regular weekly services, we offer special events for added Spiritual benefit and fellowship.

(See below for details) 

Special events

In addition to our regular weekly services, and our traveling fellowship ministry, we offer special events for added spiritual depth and health benefits. Many of these concentrated retreats provide opportunities for our members to spend longer periods of time with other church members, and with our ministers. 


BE inspired

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also in the flow:

Gracia Divina Church Board

meets monthly; 

retreats held quarterly.

Forming and shaping of committees, report on memberships, and inspiring ideas shared and implemented. 

Summer Camp-outs for Members and Board

A chance to simply revel in the gift of friendships in our lives, and the beauty of the Creator's Divine world!

Song For All Beings ministry trip

Gracia Divina Ministers and Members will be joining esteemed elder Dharma teachers and musicians for a large public concert.

Spring retreat and travel to sacred sites with our head minister

Our twice-annual trip to connect with our lineage holder and head minister.

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